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1) Return Policy:
If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you are welcome to return your order, in new
condition, for a refund. Returns must be postmarked within 30 days of the original purchase. We
also accept returns for resizing.
Customer is responsible for all return postage, regardless of reason for returning.

For sizing returns, return your jewelry to the address listed below. Be sure to include:
1) Your return address and
2) size you wish your jewelry to be.
(We measure from end to end, including claspings.)

Pink Bottom Creations
8210 W. 101st Avenue
Saint John, IN  46373

2) Resizing cost:
The cost for sizing DOWN, or making an item shorter, is free for the first resizing. Customer will
only be reimbersed for difference in price if the difference in price is greater than original price
plus $2.50 reshipping and handling costs.

The cost for sizing UP is the difference in price of the two sizes.

The cost for resizing the second time, (sending item in twice), is the above resizing costs plus
additional $5.00 per resizing.

Sizing DOWN example:
You paid $10.00 for 8 inch bracelet.
You return for resize to 6 inch bracelet, which costs $7.00.
You would be credited $0.50 for first resizing.

Sizing UP example:
You paid $10.00 for 8 inch bracelet.
You sized up to 9 inch bracelet which costs $12.00
You would be charged $2.00 for first resizing.
For customer service call:  1-219-718-1505.  The best time to reach us is Monday through
Friday, between 9 and 5, Central Time.

General Information
Due to the handmade nature of my jewelry, please allow 5-7 business days for me to fill your
order. You will be notified via email when your order ships. Please feel free to email me if you
have questions about your order.
3. Jewelry Care/Cleaning
All PBJ handmade jewelry are made of sterling silver, gold-fill (gold over base metal),  or vermeil
(gold over silver) Any exceptions will be noted. I highly recommend storage of your jewelry in the
ziplock bag they are sent with to prevent tarnishing. You may also include an anti-tarnish strip in
the bag.

To clean your items: use a soft silver polishing cloth to gently bring back shine -- do not clean
pearls or gemstones in liquid or expose to chemicals.
4.  Shipping:

Shipping of jewelry is free in the United States.

In addition to the United States, we ship to the following countries:
South Africa
United Kingdom

International customers may choose from the following shipping options:
First class mail international (4 to 7 days)*
Global priority mail (4 to 6 days)*
Express mail international (3 to 5 days)*
Tracking is available for express mail international only and is recommended for orders $50.00
and over. No tracking or delivery confirmation is available for first class international mail or global
priority mail.

International orders are limited to $200.00 US per shipment due to the various requirements and
restrictions of each country.

International customers may be assessed a duty and/or excise tax and a local delivery fee. If
duties or taxes are assessed, most countries will collect from the recipient a customs clearance
and delivery fee, in addition to the duties and taxes. This fee is authorized by international postal
agreements to reimburse the delivery service for the costs it incurs in clearing the items through
customs and collecting duties at the time of delivery.

International customers are urged to determine whether or not their country will accept the
fineness quality stamping used in the United States. If a hallmark is used, sterling silver will be
stamped .925; karat gold will be stamped either 10 kt., 14 kt. (585), or 18 kt.  Gold filled items will
be stamped 14 kt. 1/20 or GF.
There is a soap S&H fee as follows:

1-2 Bars =   $2.95
3-5 Bars =   $4.95
6-9 Bars =   $6.95
10 + Bars = $9.95