Gift Basket
Gift basket includes: 4 bars of soap (you choose your favorites), a loofah sponge and 4 guest soaps.
Kid's Secret Toy Soap
Fun, cute!!! Your child will wash for hours trying to get the toy out of the bar! Scented with a delicious berry blend. (Toys will vary) Approx. 4 oz.
Wild Rose/Goat's Milk Handmade Soap
A perennial favorite! Maine coastal roses lend their sweet innocent scent to make this fragrance. Approx. 4 oz.
Sweet Pea Handmade Soap
Sweet and enchanting. a blend of sweet pea, watery pear and and wild lily that captures the very essence of floral frangrance.
Tuberose Moss Handmade Soap
A sweet and heady floral fragrance undertoned with a green moss note. Approx. 4 oz.
Plumeria Handmade Soap
A fresh flower lei, pink and yellow blossoms at sunrise, what island images will you be reminded of? Refreshing and fragrant. approx. 4oz.
Lotus Blossom Handmade Soap
A beautiful exotic floral frangrance. Petals of lotus blossoms, red rose and fresh lilac intertwine in the gorgeous scent. Approx. 4oz.
Freesia Handmade Soap
This is a clean, fresh floral. Not too "flowery" with a delicate crispness to it. This blooming beauty captures your heart and is a springtime favorite. Approx. 4oz.
Patchouli Handmade Soap
Musky, smokey and deep, this fragrance will enlighten your senses. Approx. 4 oz.
Lemongrass Handmade Soap
An uplifting and refreshing fragrance with organic lemongrass leaves throughout. Approx. 4oz.
Earth Musk Handmade Soap
Deep, hearty scent is comprised of Amber and Vetivert. Approx. 4 oz.
Oleander Handmade Soap
Intoxicating mystical floral fragrance. A delicate scent of baby powdered roses. Approx. 4 oz.
Lavender Handmade Soap
Extravagant french lavender is the shining star of this stunning blend. An all time favorite. Approx. 4oz.
Coconut Tropics Handmade Soap
Tropical, nutty sweetness, combined with light floral notes. Just like the island breeze. Approx. 4 oz.
Honeysuckle Handmade Soap
Enticing accords of spicy rose blanket the warm blossoms of sun-kissed honeysuckle. Sensually sweet jasmine completes this beautiful floral frangrance. Approx. 4oz.
Bamboo/Green Tea Handmade Soap
A soothing citris fragrance with pungent and dry tones that brings green tea leaves together with bergamot, mandrian and jasmine followed by the enveloping aromas of black currant and pomegranate. Approx. 4 oz
My handmade soaps are made from the finest vegetable oils.  No animal
testing. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. These are cruelty-free soaps (unless you
count testing on my family members as being cruel!)
Handmade Soaps
Glycerin Soap Ingredients:
Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol, purified
water, sodium stearate, laureth sulfate, myristate, cocoyl,
titanium dioxide (also may contain: Coconut oil, Olive oil,
Rosehip oil, Hemp oil, Palm and Shea butter, Goat's
milk, Monoi Tahiti &  Meadowform).
There is a soap S&H fee as follows:

1-2 Bars =   $2.95
3-5 Bars =   $4.95
6-9 Bars =   $6.95
10 + Bars = $9.95
Aromatherapy Mood Enhance
An uplifting floral aroma of fresh picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk. Approx. 4 oz
Aromatherapy Relaxation
The aroma of fresh picked lavender flowers with a faint background of musk. Approx. 4 oz.
Karma Sutra Desire
An alluring, sensual fragrance. Top notes of fresh citris and vetiver and rose geranium, middle notes of jasmine, and lily of the valley; and bottom notes of amber guise , vanilla and musk. Approx 4 oz.
Karma Sutra Scandalous
Take a walk on the wild side with this mix of white blossoms, aromatic peonies, wild jasmine, red roses and fresh lavender. Approx. 4 oz
Nag Champa
The wonderful aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood and dragon's blood work together to create this seductive blend. Approx. 4 oz
China Tea Handmade Soap
The wonderful aroma of steeping green tea mingles with the exotic scent of jasmine flowers. Approx. 4oz.
Double Mint Handmade Soap
An invigorating blend of peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus aromas. Approx. 4 oz.
Eucalyptus Handmade Soap
Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime. Approx. 4oz.
Gardenia Handmade Soap
An intoxicating floral blend of gardenia and jasmine with a strong orange flavor bottom note. Approx. 4 oz.
Green Tea Handmade Soap
The aroma of warm steeping green tea leaves. Green tea is thought to protect the skin from aging and damage. Approx. 4 oz.
Hydrangea Handmade Soap
Fresh, yet sweet, with a hint of spice. The hydrangea flower is one of the most fragrant flowers. Approx. 4 oz.
Jasmine Handmade Soap
The exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a base note of rose petals. Approx. 4 oz.
Lilac In Bloom Handmade Soap
The aroma of a lilac bush in full bloom. Approx. 4 oz.
Lily Of The Valley Handmade Soap
A very fresh and green muguet de bois; true to name lily of the valley aroma. Approx. 4 oz.
Magnolia Handmade Soap
The aroma of the blooming petals from the magnolia tree. Approx. 4 oz.
Rosemary Mint Handmade Soap
A revitalizing blend of fresh rosemary, garden herbs and mint. Approx. 4 oz.
Violet Handmade Soap
A fragrance that captures the sweet aroma of violets in bloom. Approx. 4 oz.

The soap line has been cancelled until next year.